Why Donate?

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Remember St. Ignatius Mission Parish & Sacred Heart Mission in your Estate Plan and Annual Charitable Donations. St. Ignatius Mission & Sacred Heart Mission has long relied on the generosity of our parishioners and visitors who remember the Mission in their estate planning and annual year-end donations.

Grow Your Contribution Over Time

  • Gift pledges are formal statements of intention to make a gift. With a pledge, you may complete your gift by making regular payments over time. Each payment on your pledge is eligible for an income-tax deduction.
  • Endowed gifts are safely invested to generate income in perpetuity, providing you an opportunity to make a lasting impact. Gifts can be directed towards an area of service (liturgy, faith formation, social outreach, building and grounds, etc), or to greatest need.
  • Company Matching Gifts double or sometimes triple the impact of your individual gift.  To find out if your employer offers a matching gift program, contact your employer’s personnel office and request a matching gift form.  Complete and mail to St. Ignatius Mission Parish at PO Box 667, St. Ignatius, MT 59865. Please note that often retirees are also eligible for Matching Gifts programs. 
  • Creating a Lasting Legacy

Giving through your will or trust offers a way to support the mission of St. Ignatius Mission for generations while meeting your current financial needs.

Income Gifts allow you to make a gift and receive income back – for you or a loved one. there are several ways to accomplish this tailored to your personal goals.

  • Other creative gift plans provide opportunities to transfer ownership of your home, farm or other treasured asset to ensure your dream of helping others is met.
  • Recognize a Special Time or Person (See Our ‘Adopt a Pew’ link) 

Memorial Gifts can be made in honor of a family member, friend, fellow volunteer or other person special to you.


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St. Ignatius Mission Church was added to the National Register of Historical Places by the Department of the Interior in 1973. However, we receive no state or federal money for the preservation of our historical buildings. If you believe that our historic and cultural heritage deserves to be preserved and shared, the best way to support St. Ignatius Mission is through a tax-deductible donation. It is through your support as a donor that we are able to accomplish our goal to save the historical buildings and dry frescos of the Mission. Please donate today.

Ways to Give

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St. Ignatius Mission accepts a variety of gifts in support of its ministries and facilities. The following list may be helpful as you determine which gift is most appropriate for you. Please consult with a tax advisor regarding current applicable income tax regulations.

Outright Gifts

Following are some of the ways you can make an outright gift:

Cash. Of the gifts made to St. Ignatius Mission, most will be paid through cash, check or credit card. Cash is the easiest gift for a donor to make and for the Mission to receive. If you itemize your deductions, you may be entitled to an income tax deduction for all contributions in a given year of up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income with a five-year carry-over period for the excess.

Stocks and Bonds. Such assets are a great way to give. You may save on capital gains tax and may get a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value.

Real Estate. Over the years, most real estate has appreciated faster than the rate of inflation and, therefore, can offer great potential for a charitable gift. St. Ignatius Mission will consider accepting a gift of a home, vacation property, condominium, apartment complex, undeveloped land, or other real estate. Any such properties cannot have loans on them or the loans must be paid before the gift is made. If the property is outside the area, The Mission will work with the Diocese of Helena and the Jesuit West Province to best respect your wishes.

Tangible Personal Property. Gifts of assets such as, cars, jewelry, and boats are welcomed. You may claim an income tax deduction based on the full market value of the gift, avoid capital gains taxes and eliminate certain costs associated with the transfer of real property—assuming the gift is considered for a related use.

Charitable Lead Trusts. Through a transfer of cash, securities or real estate into a Charitable Lead Trust, St. Ignatius Mission will receive income from the trust for a set number of years. We work with the Diocese of Helena Foundation for these trusts. The trust principal is returned to the donor or the donor’s designee at the end of the term of the trust.

Matching Gifts. Many corporations demonstrate their support to nonprofit organizations by matching—often dollar for dollar—or multiplying their employees’ gifts up to a set amount. Please note that each company has its own guidelines and policies regarding its matching gifts program. Before pledging your gift, ask whether your employer participates in such a program. Certain restrictions apply to matching gifts. Please consult your company’s personnel office for more information.

Gifts-in-Kind. You may wish to contribute a personal possession of special interest—including equipment or other items—or needed services. To determine the interest of the Mission, please Fr. Hightower, SJ at the Mission office.

Planned Giving

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You may give a substantial asset to St. Ignatius Mission and still reap income from the asset to maintain your standard of living through one of the following instruments:

Charitable Remainder Trust. A Charitable Remainder Trust will pay you a lifetime annuity, allow you to avoid immediate capital gains taxes and give you an income tax deduction at the same time. If married, both spouses may be included as income beneficiaries. Funding such a trust with highly appreciated stock will enable you to deduct the fair market value of that stock without having to immediately pay the capital gain tax on its appreciation. Real estate is also a good asset to use, as is cash. You save immediate capital gains taxes on highly appreciated assets such as stocks and real estate that you put into the trust. The amount you will be able to deduct each year will be limited to a percentage of your adjusted gross income. However, you will be able to carry over any excess deduction for up to five additional years. The annuities paid from a Charitable Remainder Trust will be taxable income if the income of the trust would otherwise be taxable. Because the assets go to the St. Ignatius Mission at your passing, you may want to consider an asset replacement option (sometimes called a “wealth replacement trust”), funded by life insurance and paid for by tax savings and increased income from the trust. At your passing, a properly structured life insurance trust will allow the life insurance proceeds to go to your heirs, free of estate tax and probate expenses.

Gifts from Retirement Funds – IRA and 401(k) Funds. When individuals withdraw funds from their IRA or 401(k) fund(s) during their lifetime, income taxes must be paid. At death, any amount remaining in such plans is potentially subject to two taxes: income and estate taxes. Donors are invited to consider designating St. Ignatius Mission as a partial or full beneficiary of their retirement plans.